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FLOR 500 Gardens
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500 Gardens (Public Gardens):

FLOR500 invites 500 schools and libraries from across the state's 67 counties plant 500 wildflower gardens and dedicate them to one of 500 important Floridians (selected by a team of historians) featured on this website. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop skills in art, history, and nature as they participate in celebrating 500 years of Florida.

Review the FLOR500 list of featured honorees in the their region and select a historic figure they want to honor when they plant their public wildflower garden.

For Title: Enter the NUMBER and NAME of Honoree from list,
For First Image: Enter MAIN Garden photo,
Add Credit Line for Photos if needed


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Percival Elliott Fansler, 216

Posted By Salomon Velasquez, Friday, April 25, 2014

Salomon Velasquez



            Percival Elliot Fansler was a salesman born in 1881 with a passion for aviation. He started off by selling boat engines for a Wisconsin company and eventually decided to establish an airline consisting of one flight from Tampa to St. Petersburg, (then called an airboat line). At first his idea was turned down by nine out of ten City of Tampa officials, but eventually the airline took off on January 1, 1914. This is significant seeing as it's the world's first scheduled airline using winged aircraft. Although briefly lucrative, the flight was cancelled just five months after its launch on May 5, 1914.

            Due to the nature of Percival's story, I chose to plant the seeds behind my father's office in Doral, FL. His workplace resides between the acclaimed Miami International Airport and the less recognized Doral Airstrip. It was easy to get permission seeing as my father is part owner of the land. He not only allowed me to use this space as a plot, but learned about and assisted me in planting. The piece of art chosen was a model airplane that my father built and painted. He didn't do this in light of my project though, instead he has a consistent hobby of building model planes, pre-World-War-II era. Although, he decided to donate one of them to my project seeing how relevant it was and it gave me the ability to show him how much I appreciate his form of art.

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George Wells Potter (492)

Posted By Christoher M. Duarte, Friday, April 25, 2014

George Wells Potter, Artist and Businessman


Potter arrived in Florida at the age of 18 and by 1888 was Dade County’s first surveyor.  He co-founded Lainhart & Potter Building Materials with George Lainhart, the oldest extant company in Palm Beach County. An artist by training, his early drawings of area people and places recorded pioneer life in south Florida.

The reason I chose this location to plant a garden in honor of George Wells Potter was because of the memories I have at this park. I planted at Concord Park in Westchester. I grew up in the area and I spent many days after school and during the summer at Concord playing basketball and football with my friends. I could even say that this place was where I learned to love the outdoors and sports.

Concord Park
Miami, FL 33165

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WIlliam Sturtevant

Posted By Andrew Low, Friday, April 25, 2014

The FLOR500 Project is classified as a “participatory art project” created by a local Miami artist, Xavier Cortada. This project serves as a movement to commemorate significant figures of society that were of benefit to the population of Florida.
I was assigned William Sturtevant, an Anthropologist for the Smithsonian Institution. Initially I did not have any previous knowledge of this person; therefore it led me to do some basic research upon the person I was going to dedicate in the garden project. Upon doing this, I was made aware that he was most famous for his work and knowledge involving the use of Native American culture. Sturtevant’s work was described as “absolute indispensable tool that should be found on the shelves of all libraries, public and private alike” by Claude Levi-Strauss, a renowned anthropologist.  Needless to say, I was quite impressed with the work and knowledge that Sturtevant executed/taught, as he incorporated historical aspects to the cultures of Native Americans, a culture that not many are aware of/about.

The seeds collected in class were planted in his honor at the Tropical Park in Miami. Where a sign was put on display, informing the audience of what the garden was being used for. Furthermore, the sign incorporated the use of small Native American prints that showed significance towards the dedication of William Sturtevant.

The relevance to this project is to bring a sense of remembrance towards those who contributed significant work towards our society, regardless of the amount of people it helped. In my opinion it is the least we can do, as a way to give back and raise awareness of the good jobs that these people did. This project also has the ability to aspire others. As they reflect on the project, they may not recognize their potential and use that to its full capacity.  

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Carrie Abbe (Garden 386)

Posted By Bronte Duvic, Thursday, April 24, 2014

This small community garden is a dedication to Ms. Carrie Abbe, postmistress of Sarasota, Florida in the late 1800s to early 1900s.  The responsibilities of her position required her to make sure that all messages coming into the post office were directed and delivered to their proper points of destination.  She eventually worked her way up to being given managerial duties as well as her postmistress duties.  I thought that it was interesting to learn about her, because, honestly, I did not even know that women were allowed to have such important jobs at the time.  In the garden, I created a structure out of three bricks that is meant to serve as a makeshift mailbox.  It is a delivery system much like the one used at the wall outside of the Casa di Guilietta in Italy--letters can be left in between the bricks and picked out to be read.  The small mailbox figurine placed on top of the brick structure holds instructions of how to use the garden's messaging system, which is of course name after Ms. Carrie Abbe.  It is also included that the garden was done as a part of the "FLOR500 Project".  I hope that the garden sparks enough interest in its visitors to encourage them to learn more about the postmistress and the time she spent serving the community of Sarasota.  I hope that the reader will also decide to take the time to inform themselves about FLOR500 and have the opportunity to learn about others who helped influence Florida's history.

Garden Location:
                Sunset Lakes Park
                4701 SW 40th Street
                Miramar, Fl

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Rev. Atkins

Posted By Trenton R. Saunders, Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reverend Joel Aktins is a Florida native that lived to the age of 75, and a person who had a vast impact of the civil rights movement occurring in Winter Haven Florida. He was a public figure that fought for the equality of civil rights for employment in Polk County. He also desegregated the schools in Polk County. Reverend Aktins was a pastor at the Zion Baptist church for 41 years and served equal rights with his life. 


I chose to dedicate this garden in this area because I think a lot of students and athletes don’t realize how far society has become because of figures like Rev. Atkins.  The Saac has hundreds of people coming through it every day, these people are mostly athletes that will impact society because of their images.   The spot the garden is located in is to remind us that the ability for people of all races and ethnicities are at this university because of the desegregation that took place 40 years ago. 


Reverend Joel Atkins influenced me to be all that I can be and to fight for what you believe is right.  Understanding that the privileges I have were not free is something I will not ever look over upon again.  Reverend Atkins is some one that we should all appreciate and give our gratitude to. The people that become doctors, lawyers and etc, should always know that their education was not paid for with money but with hard work and dedication.


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