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Ancestral Journeys: Paternal Lineage (Y-Chromosome)
Ancestral Journeys


Ancestral Journeys: Paternal Lineage (Y-Chromosome DNA)

Puerto RicoPeru
ArgentinaEl SalvadorHaiti
Costa Rica

The 12 male participants who tested for genetic markers in their Y-Chromosome DNA (paternal lineage) to discover their respective paternal ancestral journey (e.g., M168 -> M89 -> M9 -> M45 -> M205 -> M173 -> M343) include Miamians who were born in:
  • Venezuela ("168"): Alex Stein
  • El Salvador ("M89"): Mauricio Giammattei
  • United States ("M170"): Xavier Cortada
  • Costa Rica ("M253"): Karil Silman
  • Argentina ("M35"): Javier Iglesias
  • Puerto Rico ("M9"): Michael Laas
  • Peru ("M175"): Patrick Shironshita
  • Haiti ("M45"): Carl Juste
  • Nicaragua ("M242"): Juan Talavera
  • Bolivia ("M3"): Rodrigo Gonzalez
  • Paraguay ("M207"):  Nicolas Setrini
  • Spain ("M173"): Oscar Garcia
Click on links above to learn about some of the participants' ancestral journeys and see migratory routes.

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