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Region 8 Southeast Florida

FLOR 497
Poisonwood (Metopium toxiferum)


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FLOR497 by Gretechen Scharnagl

Gretchen Scharnagl, "FLOR 497: Poisonwood", gouache and pencil, 15 X 11 ¼ inches, 2011 (CC).


About the artist

South Florida suburban artist, Gretchen Scharnagl, creates work that is a hybridization of environmental issues, commentaries on the human condition, and suburban natural history. She is interested in ideas of authorship, collaboration and the ephemeral. Currently she is a visiting lecturer at Florida International University.


Artist’s Statement:

Through hurricanes and human encroachment, the loss of natural habitats reduces the number of poisonwood trees. With homeowner’s reluctance to plant this noxious tree, the native white-crowned pigeon loses this important traditional element in their diet. Scientists do not know what the long-term effects will be for this near-threatened species


Flor497 Poisonwood
Photo credit:  Keith Bradley

FLOR 497
(Metopium toxiferum)

For more information about this flower please visit
Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants Institute for Systematic Botany


FLOR500 is a participatory art, nature, and history project that marks the importance of the moment when the history of Florida changed forever and gives a glimpse of what its landscape was like 500 years ago. Developed by Xavier Cortada, director and artist-in-residence of FIU’s College of Architecture + The Arts’ Office of Engaged Creativity, the project commemorates Florida’s quincentenary in 2013.

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Xavier Cortada's participatory art practice is based at Florida International University.


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