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Native Flags: South Florida: 12 Native Trees
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Trees of the Native Flags Project

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of the tree!

Small Trees and Large Shrubs

Medium Trees

Large Trees

Native Flags is an urban reforestation project created by Miami artist Xavier Cortada to help restore native habitats for plants and animals across Miami-Dade County. This collaborative eco-art effort is presented by The Reclamation Project at the Miami Science Museum. Participants will be asked to plant the sapling of a native tree and its corresponding flag in their yard and encourage their neighbors to do the same. By doing so, residents across the county will reclaim land for native trees displaced long ago by development.

Native Trees Resources

Large Native Trees

Green Buttonwood

Cornocarpus erectus

Wild Tamarind  

Lysiloma latisliquum  

Gumbo Limbo

Bursera simaruba

Paradise Tree

Simarouba glauca

Live Oak

Quercus virginiana


Medium Native Trees

Dahoon Holly

Ilex cassine

Pigeon Plum

Coccoloba diversifolia

Satin leaf Chrysophyllum oliviforme
Seagrape Coccoloba uvifera

Small Native Trees



Hamelia patens

Florida Privet Forestieria segregata
Wild Coffee Psychotria nervosa

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Xavier Cortada
Florida International University
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Xavier Cortada's participatory art practice is based at Florida International University.


 Reclamation Project

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Native Flags   






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