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90N North Pole Project: Donate to the Project

Now, you can make a lasting impact through a tax-deductible donation to the North Pole Project, also known as 90N, through the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), the project fiscal sponsor.

Click here to view the North Pole Project at the NYFA website. If you would like to donate to the project through the NYFA or need further information about donating, please scroll down to read (or click here to download) more information about mailing your project donation.

We thank you for your consideration in donating to the North Pole Project.

This summer, Xavier Cortada will travel to the North Pole, ninety degrees North (90N), with sound artist Juan Carlos Espinosa to create new works. The artist will use melting sea ice to create "Arctic Ice Paintings" and site-specific eco-art installations. We are calling on you to please make a tax-deductible donation to sponsor this project. Through your support of 90N, you can help document the impact of global climate change on the Arctic and on the planet as ice melts and sea levels rise.  Please help us raise awareness through the powerful medium of art.

90N is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts (, the nation’s largest provider of funding, information and services to artists. Founded in 1971, NYFA is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization that develops and facilitates programs in all artistic disciplines. NYFA will receive grants and donations on behalf of 90N, ensure the use of grant funds in accordance with the grant agreements and provide program or financial reports as required.

Cortada, a National Science Foundation (NSF) Antarctic Artists and Writers Program recipient, traveled with Espinosa to Antarctica during December 2006 - January 2007 to create new works (Antarctic “ice paintings”), installations and sound art that addressed our relationship to one another and our planet. These works have been exhibited in museums across Europe and the United States, and have received extensive media coverage.  Please see attached exhibit catalog or visit  

Cortada’s North Pole installations will also address global climate change by echoing the work done in Antarctica (e.g., reinterpretation of “Longitudinal Installation” and “Endangered World” originally created at the Earth’s southernmost point), as well as through new work produced onsite based on the specific conditions of the Arctic region.

Cortada will also plant a green flag at the North Pole when he arrives there on June 30, 2008. On that same day, people from around the world will be asked to also plant a green flag and native tree in their community (see

The strength of this project is in that it creates art at the two extreme ends of the world to address the issue of global climate change at points in between.

Please help sponsor this important and timely project and its exhibit. Your contribution to the NYFA will help defray the costs of travel, materials, and the documentation of the 90N project.  Funds will also be used to develop a museum exhibit and a school-based program addressing global climate change.

90N Donations

90N sponsors will be listed on project website, press releases and exhibit publications. Tax-deductible contributions to support “90N” are made directly to our fiscal sponsor, the New York Foundation for the Arts (NFA).

Contributions by Check

•    Contributions made by check must be made payable to "New York Foundation for the Arts” and include “90N/Xavier Cortada” in the memo line.

•    You may send NYFA a letter or use the simple form (*) at the bottom.

•    Contributions to support 90N can be mailed to:

          Fiscal Sponsorship
          New York Foundation for the Arts
          155 Ave. of the Americas, 6th Floor
          New York, NY 10013
          Attn:  90N sponsored artist project

* Contribution Recommendation Form for Use with Checks

Please find enclosed a contribution to the New York Foundation for the Arts in the amount of $__________ .

It is my wish that this contribution will be used to support “90N” (Xavier Cortada’s environmental art installations at the North Pole), a project that you sponsor.


If you have questions about making a contribution to NYFA in support of a sponsored project or organization, please contact the Fiscal Sponsorship program at (212) 366-6900 x230, or email

 If you have questions about the project, please contact Xavier Cortada at 305-858-1323 or email

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