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90N North Pole Project: Join The Project

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Help create the North Pole installations with Xavier Cortada by participating in the blogs below. Each installation needs your participation in fulfilling the North Pole Project's goal: bringing about awareness of climate change globally so that  people can reverse its effects by acting locally. Mr. Cortada will take what you and others post and incorporate it into his work at the North Pole.
Now that you know about the North Pole Project, take part in making the project become a reality. Click on the links below to start creating art.
Mr. Cortada will highlight the need to protect our endangered species by placing 360 flags in a circle around the North Pole, one flag for each longitudinal degree. Each flag will have the name of an endangered species.
Help create the exhibit (click here) by posting an endangered species in your community, explaining what caused the species to become endangered. Your species could be one of the 360 species chosen for the installation.
Click here for more information about the project.
As he did in the South Pole, Mr. Cortada will paint and place 24 shoes on 24 longitudinal lines in a circle around the North Pole, each shoe representing a person living in a different part of the world affected by climate change. Afterwards, he will go to each shoe and recite a statement from a person living in that longitude about how climate change affected or will affect them.
Become a voice of concern (click here) and post how global climate change affected or will affect you. Your statement could be chosen as one of the 24 to be recited at the North Pole.

Mr. Cortada will plant a green flag at the North Pole as part of his Native Flags project outreach. This green flag will act as a global message of addressing global climate change through reforestation.
To participate in this project, just  follow  three easy steps (click here), which includes posting a picture of a native tree sapling and a green flag. Join Mr. Cortada as he plants a green flag at the North Pole and says, "I hereby reclaim this land for nature!"

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