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Community Blogs

A key element in Xavier Cortada's participatory art projects is discussion. Members are encouraged to discuss their thoughts about Mr. Cortada's artwork, how his artwork relates to their communities, and their experiences in creating change as a response to his artwork.

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500 Exhibit
500: An art installation by Xavier Cortada commemorating the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce de Leon's journey to Florida. In 1513,the Spanish explorer visited Key Biscayne and named it Santa Marta. It is the only location on our peninsula we know with certainty as having hosted Ponce de Leon.

The exhibit at Key Biscayne's Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Preserve will include an installation of 500 porcelain sculptures depicting Florida's native wildflowers.

Cortada's flower installation will be transformed into 500 living gardens across the community:

Each flower sculpture comes with a packet of Florida wildflower seeds. Those purchasing the sculptures are asked to take both the sculpture and seeds home and plant a garden dedicated to one of 500 Floridians who helped shape Florida history during the past 500 years (or to a Floridian who is special in their lives). To see list please visit
Post your garden dedications here.
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Xavier Cortada, "Infecundas," 2007.
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Endangered World
In his Endangered World installation, the Xavier Cortada will situate endangered species on the most extreme end of the Earth through the placement of 360 painted flags, one for each longitudinal degree. This installation will highlight the point that numerous species across the globe are losing their habitat, with half of the planet's biodiversity threatened. You can help create his list of endangered species by participating in the blog. You must register as a member before posting to the blog.
Endangered World on Facebook
41 2/9/2009
Endangered World: Biscayne National Park Installation
Now that you have adopted one of the 360 endangered animals featured in our participatory ecoart project (*see, please document your experience following through on your pledge: Write us a description of your action and send us pictures, or other forms of documentation. Include the name of the animal you've "adopted" and the longitude where it struggles for survival.
Endangered World on Facebook
4 1/9/2010
FLOR 500 Gardens
500 Gardens (Public Gardens):

FLOR500 invites 500 schools and libraries from across the state's 67 counties plant 500 wildflower gardens and dedicate them to one of 500 important Floridians (selected by a team of historians) featured on this website. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop skills in art, history, and nature as they participate in celebrating 500 years of Florida.

Review the FLOR500 list of featured honorees in the their region and select a historic figure they want to honor when they plant their public wildflower garden.

For Title: Enter the NUMBER and NAME of Honoree from list,
For First Image: Enter MAIN Garden photo,
Add Credit Line for Photos if needed
152 12/14/2014
Hanging Gardens
Hanging Gardens Eco-Art Project Urban Paradise Guild will implement Hanging Gardens, Xavier Cortada's participatory eco-art project that creates demand for removal of Invasive Exotic Plants by inspiring their use in artistic installations and as building materials. Project Coordinator San Van Leer and his volunteers will use this blog to document the evolution of the project. More information at
Hanging Gardens on Facebook
3 2/15/2010
Ice Paintings: Discuss Melting Ice
Glacial melting is a significant threat that could result in rising sea levels and altered ocean currents. Please post how you think glacial ice melting is impacting our economies, climate, and way of life. What advice would you give to address the effects of glacial ice melting at the local level? (You must register as a member before posting to the blog. If you need assistance posting please email
1 5/22/2008
Incorporation Palm: Reincorporator's Blog
In conceptualing "Incorporation Palm" to mark the birthplace of the City of Miami, artist Xavier Cortada designed a "living" monument; one that honors not only those who brought the city to life but those who work today to keep it growing. SEE Through this performance piece, Cortada invites residents to rededicate themselves to building Miami and become its "Reincorporators." Reincorporators will be able to post their Incorporation Palm photo, talk about their commitment to the city, and exchange ideas on how to better Miami. What will you do to make our city grow stronger and taller, like the Incorporation Palm?
8 8/2/2009
Longitudinal Installation
One of Xavier Cortada's North Pole installations will be the Longitudinal Installation. As he did in the South Pole, Mr. Cortada will place 24 shoes in a circle around the North Pole, each representing a person living in a different part of the world affected by climate change. After positioning the shoes, he will go to each shoe and recite a statement from a person living in that longitude about how climate change affected or will affect them. For the North Pole, Mr. Cortada plans to recite a different set of "voices" for this artwork. You can provide those voices by participating in the blog. (You must register as a member before posting to the blog. If you need assistance posting please email
4 6/11/2008
Native Flags
The Native Flags blog is used to complete the third step of the Native Flags project: uploading photos of your sapling(s) and flag. Videos of trees are optional. Also, please include the name of location where the tree was planted, the name of tree, and the date the tree was planted. (You must register as a member before posting to the blog. If you need assistance posting please email
7 1/3/2010
Xavier Cortada Artist's Blog
Blog Postings by Miami artist Xavier Cortada.
Xavier Cortada on Facebook
25 4/25/2014


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