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Endangered World: North Pole Installation
South Pole Installation (90S) | North Pole Installation (90N)

North Pole Installation
Cortada traveled by icebreaker to place 360 flags in a circle around the North Pole, each flag was to depict the name of one of 360 endangered animals.  By planting the flags, Cortada was to reclaim the North Pole for nature and for our planet's biodiversity across 360 degrees in the world below.

Unfortunately upon entering the icebreaker's port city of Murmansk, the Russian Government confiscated Cortada's 360 white flags.  
Cortada boarded the ship without the flags.  During the four and a half day journey north, Cortada wrote the scientific name of all 360 animals on two pieces of canvas.  
On June 29, 2008, Cortada laid the canvas panels on the ice at the North Pole, aligning the animals' names with the degree of the habitat in which they struggle for survival.

Cortada installed the work at the North Pole as part of "90N," a New York Foundation for the Arts sponsored artist project.

Artist:  Xavier Cortada
Title:  Endangered World (North Pole)
Year: 2008

To learn about the 360 species featured in the work, please visit

FIU College of Architecture + The Arts

Xavier Cortada
Florida International University
College of Architecture + The Arts
420 Lincoln Road, Suite 430
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Xavier Cortada's participatory art practice is based at Florida International University.


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