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FLOR500 Gardens Frequently Asked Questions
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FLOR500 500 Public Gardens and Flower Force


Who can participate?

Anyone can take part in our FLOR500 Gardens. We have two categories of gardens – 500 Public Gardens and Flower Force.

500 Historic Figures/500 Public Gardens

FLOR500 is asking 500 libraries to plant wildflower gardens, one for each of the project's 500 wildflowers and dedicate them to someone who was a part of Florida's history during the past 500 years. FLOR500 is working with historians to feature 500 different persons who shaped Florida's history. The gardens will be documented and mapped online.

The first garden (see photo above) featured Coreopsis lanceolata, the official state wildflower. It was planted in front of the Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee, FL on March 22, 2012 and dedicated to Florida's indigenous people.


FLOR500 Tiled Drawings & Florida Flower Force 

FLOR500 is asking individuals to plant wildflower gardens in their homes and dedicate them to a Floridian that has inspired them. Participants are asked to post their photos online.


Do you have to be a library to participate?

For our FLOR500 Public Gardens we are inviting libraries  and schools to take part and plant a garden dedicated to one of the 500 Historic Figures. For schools it serves as multidisciplinary teaching resource; combining art, science and history.

However as an individual you can still be a part of these FLOR500 Gardens by contacting your local library, school or neighborhood green-space and lead the effort to involve them in FLOR500. Together you can select a Historic Figure form your Region's list and together plant a garden dedicated to them. You can also participate as a sponsor for one the gardens. This could be your way to give back to your elementary school or as way to beautify your neighborhood.


How do libraries participate?

Our History Steering Committee has done an incredible job of selecting and placing the 500 Historic Figures according to the Regions where they lived and/or made historic contributions.

These Regions are a group of neighboring counties; our goal is to pair the Historic Figures with the Gardens planted in the libraries, schools and neighborhood green-spaces within the Regions. For example a library in Region 8 would select a Historic Figure from Region 8's list.

Begin to develop a class/library project or process (such as a collaborative work or a contest) where students/library visitors create an original portrait of the selected historic figure. They may also submit a 250-word essay (about the honoree and/or why the library is honoring this person).  They may also submit reference materials and links to information about the honoree. 


Will you provide  seeds?


Libraries, however, will receive box of seeds from Foundation co-op mid-summer. 
To learn more about planting a garden visit the Florida Wildflower Foundation. and review the DOS presentation slides. 

 We also encourage those who wish to sponsor a garden for their school, museum, library or neighborhood green-space to feel free to take action and be a part of FLOR500.  


Can we grow any kind of wildflower we want?

Our only guideline is that it they be natives. One of the biggest goals of our 500 Gardens is to help our Florida biodiversity by planting and growing native plants and wildflowers. This in turn helps promote our natural beauty and support animals dependent on them; such as birds and butterflies.


Does the garden have to be dedicated to someone on the list of Historic Figures?

We have two kinds of Gardens: Our 500 Historic Figures / 500 Gardens are specifically dedicated to one of the 500 Historic Figures listed.

We also have our Flower Force Gardens. These are gardens that anyone can plant in their home, in a park or any green-space. Flower Force is for those who wish to dedicate a garden to a Floridian that has inspired them; mother, father, sibling, friend or even someone they never met but have inspired by.


How do I select a Historic Figure?

Upon deciding which Historic Figure to select, at the bottom of each figure's page, there is an online application form; the information is entered and the images of the Garden uploaded. You can submit an application and request a Historic Figure even if you haven't planted the Garden, this will help assure you can reserve that specific Historic Figure.


Trouble with the online application/ Uploading image

TIMEOUT = If you have trouble with our online Artist Application form it could be because of a timeout issue. The system has a safety mechanism, timing-out after 15 minutes. What we recommend is that you have your information ready ahead of time so that you may copy/paste in the information for the form. This way you can avoid a time-out issue with the website.

UPLOADING IMAGE= There is a maximum of 30MB per upload. This is the maximum for single and multiple images.

If you are still experiencing problems with our site or any other questions please contact us


Contact for questions or assistance

coordinator@flor500.com| Office: (305) 535-1459



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